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All specialist areas of accountancy, taxation and financial planning.

Maybe you have asked us to assist you in all specialist areas of accountancy, taxation and financial planning, or maybe you are working with us in one or more sub-areas of those disciplines. However we work together, you can count on our complete commitment and on the fact that we will provide a service that brings results. In terms of personal contact, our one-to-one service and our commitment. Proactive, ethical and inventive.

Accountancy & vision

Londen & Van Holland provides a comprehensive range of accountancy services, from carrying out your financial administration to the auditing of your annual accounts and everything in between. One of our specialisms relates to the carrying out of check, review and compilation assignments. What is more, we also can advise you when it comes to drawing up your business plans, setting up your administrative systems in the most effective way possible and carrying out internal audits. We can also advise you in the area of mergers, acquisitions and selecting or changing the legal form of your business or businesses.

Our vision is that accountancy is a tool that is there to help you achieve your objectives.

Financial administration
We can set up your financial administration and ensure it is kept precise and up to date. Not only will it be clearly presented, it will also be readily comprehensible, so that management information based on current figures is available at all times. We have a mastery of almost all administrative software packages and can usually link these to our own software. It goes without saying that in carrying out your financial administration, we make use of the latest technology, such as scanning and automatic entry, so that not only will your financial records always be updated, it will also be a simple matter for you if you wish to view your debtors position, your bank balances and underlying invoices/documentation. We also have the capability to take care of your payroll and VAT administration. Together, we will evaluate your results on a periodic basis.

Compilation of annual accounts
With the help of our software and based on your trial balance, we will generate your annual accounts automatically. Using those as a basis, submissions, returns and bank reports can be created in digital format if needed, in accordance with the very latest digital standards, such as SBR. We will discuss the draft annual accounts with you, point out any decisions that are required, advise you about your options and will include all business and tax-related aspects. This will enable you to make the right choices, based on clear advice.

Audit, evaluation and compilation
When auditing your annual accounts, we make use of the latest auditing standards and techniques. Our digital dossiers and auditing programs mean that we are able to carry out our work in a highly efficient way. We use the services of data analysis specialists in order to analyse large-scale financial records quickly and effectively.

Our work is conducted using a small and experienced team, which means that we are the first point of contact for the finance department(s) and Board of Directors alike.

We report on the outcomes of our work by providing clear, concise reports that include specific recommendations.

Business plans
Business plans are indispensable as a means of securing financing, laying down clear policy lines and turning ambitions into reality. We can advise you about the drawing up of your business plan or can draw one up for you. We will examine and identify the possible sources of funding available to you, will look into other forms of financing and will point you in the right direction.

Bank reports
We are able to draw up bank reports for you that you can use when applying for financing or in order to keep your financial partners regularly informed. These are aligned with your financier(s) in advance, to ensure that effective communication takes place.

Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
Are you considering a merger, acquisition or restructuring? These are occasions that require knowledge, experience and insight. It is during transition processes in particular that it is possible to make the difference between success and missed opportunities. We will assist you as you establish the structure of a merger or acquisition or will assist you with your restructuring activities, so as to maximise the likelihood of success. Your interests play a central part.

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Tax advice combined with an inventive approach

How tax-efficient is your company? Our tax experts will getyour company into the very best shape, so that it provides maximum returns while still adhering to the requirements of the tax system. And by working in close collaboration with accountants and legal advisers, we will also make sure that your company stays that way. For Londen & Van Holland, the position of the business-owner in relation to the company itself plays a key role. The advisory services we provide to directors and major shareholders is always related to the company itself. That way, the advice we provide will set out what is best for the business-owner, as well as for the company – even if the objectives of each differ, to one extent or another. Discover how inventive we can be!

Acquiring or selling a company
The tax situation associated with the sale or acquisition of a company plays a major part in determining the initial situation that then applies during the stage following the sale or acquisition. This is not only true in the case of the company, but primarily also in the case of the director and major shareholder and any
other shareholders. By working with you, we will determine the correct route to follow and should you so wish, we will work with you as you complete the steps that are necessary.

International business and the tax situation
Anyone doing business on an international level will often come into contact with different tax systems. We possess the know-how to bypass the swathes of legislation and regulations that apply when doing business beyond our country’s borders, which means that not only are we able to advise your company, we can also advise you about the most effective approach to adopt when conducting business internationally. Our corporate lawyers monitor the latest developments and case law extremely closely and can immediately apply that knowledge to assist you.

Director and major shareholder – a special position
In many respects, the position of a director and major shareholder is a special one. In addition to that, every
director and major shareholder is unique. Londen & Van Holland happily takes account of this and specialises in creating the most effective (tax) situation for directors and major shareholders. Are you a director and major shareholder? If so, why not find out what Londen & Van Holland could do for you?

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Estate planning & future prospects

The ability to look further ahead than today. Expertise in creating certainty and achieving growth. Estate planning, safeguarding your personal assets and wealth, while keeping your options open in the longer term, is a specialist area in itself and is something that Londen & Van Holland has been doing for more than 20 years, on behalf of an increasing selection of business-owners and former business-owners. We bring together our specialisms in tax, law and accountancy, in order to provide you with a tailored approach that forms the foundation for a comfortable future. Embrace your long-term future.

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Business law and outcomes

Complex legislation, the increasing regulatory burden and international developments: the area covered by business law has now become more complex and all-encompassing. Our business lawyers at Londen & Van Holland seek to provide solutions, as opposed to dilemmas and think in terms of opportunities, rather than threats. They also specialise in achieving outcomes that will place your company on a stronger footing. In legal, as well as in non-legal terms.

Londen & Van Holland offers a variety of specialisms in the area of business law:

  • Company law
  • The law of mergers and acquisitions
  • Landlord and tenancy law
  • Employment law
  • Debt collection

Business law that places your company centre-stage
You can depend on our pragmatic approach, which is based on our belief that preventing problems is more cost-effective than remedying them. Business law at Londen & Van Holland takes the form of legal assistance that is realistic and matter-of-fact and meets the needs of your business, by focusing on solutions and charging fees that are both competitive and fair.

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