Working at

Do you have a passion for people, knowledge and skills?
If so, why not come and work at Londen & Van Holland?

Working at Londen & Van Holland is not suitable for everyone, however. But if you truly stand out, possess excellent qualifications and are able to demonstrate that you have a passion for people, knowledge and skills, we will provide you with opportunities within an attractive organisation. A working environment at the cutting edge of accountancy, financial and tax advice, as well as business law. An international outlook. But always seeking to provide services on a human scale. Putting our clients first.

Entrepreneurial skill and collegiality

At Londen & Van Holland, all partners are co-owners. That means that entrepreneurial skill and initiative permeate our entire organisation. At the same time, Londen & Van Holland is a knowledge-based organisation. Whilst on the one hand, this means that specialisation is highly important, it also means that the skills that are needed to work as a team to assist our clients in the most effective way possible also play a key role. For us, it is very important to enjoy our work and to maintain an effective balance between our working and home lives. This is just as important to us as working together as colleagues. Whether you work full-time or part-time, you are part of the team.

Take a look at our job openings! No vacancy showing, but still keen to work for us? If so, please send us an open application, together with your CV and any relevant academic transcripts. Please send your application to: for the attention of Kees Jan Schouten. We also welcome open applications from support staff (such as financial or legal secretaries).