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How tax-efficient is your company? Our tax specialists will get your company into shape so that it operates as efficiently as possible within the limits of the taxation system. And by working in close collaboration with accountants and legal advisers, they will also make sure that your company stays that way. Londen & Van Holland specialises in supervising the purchase and sale of companies, in restructuring and in advising clients to enable them to achieve the right balance between the interests of the company and the private position of the director and major shareholder. Discover how inventive we can be!

Acquiring or selling a company
The tax situation associated with the sale or acquisition of a company plays a major part in determining the initial situation that then applies during the stage following the sale or acquisition. This is not only true in the case of the company, but primarily also in the case of the director and major shareholder and any other shareholders. By working with you, we will determine the correct route to follow and should you so wish, we will work with you as you complete the steps that are necessary.

International business and the tax situation
Anyone doing business on an international level will often come into contact with different tax systems. We possess the know-how to bypass the swathes of legislation and regulations that apply when doing business beyond our country’s borders, which means that not only are we able to advise your company, we can also advise you about the most effective approach to adopt when conducting business internationally. Our specialists in corporate law monitor the latest developments and case law closely, and can immediately apply that knowledge to assist you.

Director and major shareholder – a special position
In many respects, the position of a director and major shareholder is a special one. In addition to that, every director and major shareholder is unique. Londen & Van Holland takes account of this and specialises in creating the most effective (tax) situation for directors and major shareholders. Are you a director and major shareholder? Find out what Londen & Van Holland could do for you.

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