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All specialist areas of accountancy, taxation and financial planning.
Maybe you have asked us to assist you in all specialist areas of accountancy, taxation and financial planning, or maybe you are working with us in one or more sub-areas of those disciplines. Whatever the combination you have chosen, you can count on our complete commitment and on the fact that we will provide a service that brings results. In terms of personal contact, our one-to-one service and our commitment. Proactive, ethical and inventive.

Londen & Van Holland has the ability to provide all accountancy services from financial administration to annual reports and everything in between. One of our specialisms relates to the carrying out of audit, evaluation and compilation assignments. What is more, we offer advice when it comes to drawing up your business plans, setting up your administrative systems in the most effective way possible and carrying out internal audits. We can also advise you in the area of mergers, acquisitions and selecting or changing the legal form of your business or businesses.

Our vision is that accountancy is a tool that is there to help you achieve your objectives.

Financial administration
We can set up your financial administration and ensure it is kept precise and up to date. Not only will it be clearly presented, it will also be readily comprehensible, so that management information based on current figures is available at all times, in addition to the company’s payroll administration and turnover tax Together, we will evaluate your results on a periodic basis.

Compilation of annual accounts
We will compile your annual accounts independently, discuss the draft with you, highlight decision points, and advise you regarding the options, drawing on both operational and relevant tax-related aspects. This will enable you to make the right choices, based on clear advice.

Audit, evaluation and compilation
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Business plans
Business plans are indispensable as a means of securing financing, laying down clear policy lines and turning ambitions into reality. We can advise you about the drawing up of your business plan or can draw one up for you. We will examine and identify the possible sources of funding available to you, will look into other forms of financing and will point you in the right direction.

Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
Are you considering a merger, acquisition or restructuring? These are occasions that require knowledge, experience and insight. It is during transition processes in particular that it is possible to make the difference between success and missed opportunities. We will assist you as you establish the structure of a merger or acquisition or will assist you with your restructuring activities, so as to maximise the likelihood of success. Your interests play a central part.

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