About us

We are Londen & Van Holland. Accountants, tax advisers and lawyers.

We are Londen & Van Holland. Accountants that see the opportunities that lie behind the figures and who display vision and set out road-maps towards the desired objective. We are tax advisers who relieve you of the need to look for solutions, by coming up with the solutions ourselves. Inventive, ethical and results-oriented. We also act as advisers who will optimise your financial and legal position at the present time, in a short time from now and in the future, enabling you to go about your business with a positive outlook and with your eyes fixed on the future.

Many of our clients are business-owners and larger SMEs, but some of them are also former business-owners, who can look back on a successful career. Why do they choose to be advised by us? Because we are large enough to supervise complex cases in a highly professional manner, while remaining compact enough to know and value our clients as individuals, while also offering them the excellent service that they expect on a one-to-one basis. Teamwork that brings results!

Service on a human scale, combined with highly-trained and experienced specialists, is what makes Londen & Van Holland a preferred supplier. The respect, quality and entrepreneurial approach that we apply is what, in the eyes of many people, makes us unique. Interested in finding out what we can do for you? If so, why not ask us to make an appointment for you? For an inspiring conversation in your office or at your home.

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