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Do you want to work for a full-service accountancy and tax consultancy office? But not one of those very large companies? Would you prefer a smaller, more personal company? If so, welcome to Londen & Van Holland. The company that realises top-quality is only possible when there is a good balance between your working life and your private life.

A company with a mission

Londen & Van Holland was established in 1994. It had to be an accountancy and tax consultancy with a difference. Large enough to provide the range of services that would enable it to compete against the existing ‘big four’. But, at the same time, small enough to give its staff space for personal development. This approach worked. The company has grown into a medium-sized organisation with clients ranging from independent companies and subsidiaries of international companies to private individuals with capital and non-profit organisations. Today around 60 people work for Londen & Van Holland and take pleasure in their work. One of the reasons our staff are happy is because they can offer clients a total package of accountancy, taxation and corporate law services. And can develop into all-rounders – as you could.

We plan your future – together

We give you the space to develop. In your profession and also as a person. That is one of Londen & Van Holland’s core principles. Which is why HR policy is not just an empty slogan for us. Together we will look at what best suits you and your qualities. Based on the desired competencies we will come to an agreement with you regarding what and how much training, practical experience and coaching you need. That way we all know where we stand – us as well as you. You will also notice that at Londen & Van Holland the ‘juicy work’ is not reserved exclusively for the partners. You will very quickly be given your own clients who you can help across as wide a spectrum as possible. But don’t worry – your experienced colleagues’ doors are always open – you will never have to cope alone. In our experience an informal, but serious, setting brings out the best in our staff.

Partnership is optional not obligatory

What are your personal goals? Do you want to be an AA or chartered accountant? The best tax consultant or corporate lawyer? Go for it! If you can do it you’ll have every support from us. Our client base guarantees you the most interesting cases – it’s up to you to prove yourself. Would you like to become a partner in due course? That is also possible. But not obligatory. At Londen & Van Holland you can also opt for a horizontal career path. As long as you meet our quality standards. You should also know that we don’t set great store by pure quantity. In our view putting in an 80 hour week just for the sake of working doesn’t do anybody any good. Which is why we are equally happy if you wish to work part-time. After all, you do also have, and must continue to have, a private life.


It goes without saying that Londen & Van Holland’s staff are members of the most important professional associations. Our accountants are members of Nivra or NovAA and our office is a member of the SRA. Our tax consultants are members of NOB, our corporate lawyers are members of the NeVOA. Our office is associated internationally with Integra International.