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What do your future colleagues think about their work and their employer? What do they like, where do they see room for improvement? And how do they see their future at Londen & Van Holland? Three of these colleagues will tell you their point of view here. Different people, different jobs, different experiences. We are curious about what you think of them.

If you want your working day to follow a predictable routine don’t come and work here

Dino Kromowetjono, Teammanager Accountancy

“When I walked in for my job interview my first impression was – professional but informal. And I still feel the same. I came from one of the ‘big-four’ companies. There everything was very rigidly organised. When you arrived in the morning you knew exactly what you would have done by the end of the day. Here every day brings surprises. You have to readjust continuously. You have to be able to cope with this flexibility. Personally I enjoy it. Your child is at home sick? You organise extra free time. You want to really work hard? That’s possible – although here they do make sure you’re not working yourself into the ground. Long term relationships: as far as Londen & Van Holland is concerned this doesn’t only mean relationships with clients but also relationships with their staff. And you have a lot of scope to fill in the details for yourself.”

Every opportunity for further training both internal and external

Odeke Priem, Tax consultant

“If you can do it you’ll be given every opportunity. That’s kind of the way they think here at Londen & Van Holland. Which is why it’s not long before you are working for clients on your own. This is, of course, also due to the horizontal organisational structure and short lines of communication. An organisation in which everybody treats everyone else as an equal. It’s great. And, as I come from Limburg, something I really appreciate. But you are also given all the help you need. Not just when it comes to the technicalities but also when it comes to solving problems. I very soon realised that really knowing your client was very important when it came to offering fiscal advice. My ambition? I want to become a good all-round tax consultant. To achieve this I can follow all the courses I need, both internally and externally.”

You don’t work an hour extra if don’t get any enjoyment from it

Gerry Koekenbier, Secretary

“The work in the secretariat is very varied. Luckily. You do everything. From administration to receiving visitors. You must, of course, know your way around modern office automation. We always check the layout of correspondence. At the same time we correct any grammatical or spelling mistakes. But figures … those we leave well alone. And we check all our clients’ address details. Hectic? Sometimes. Afternoons, for example, when the post arrives. Officially I’m in charge, but we always discuss things with each other. In a nutshell … we enjoy our work. Which means I don’t mind if I sometimes have to stay a bit longer to make sure everything will be in the mail on time. My colleagues feel the same.”